After its launch in 2022, Project GOLIAT held its first annual meeting in Barcelona on the 30th and 31st of May 2023. During the two days, the members of the GOLIAT consortium reviewed the progress made during the first 12 months of the project and shared the planning of the tasks to be developed in the second year of the project, as well as the first preliminary results of some of the tasks that are underway.

The meeting was attended by over 80 people, 52 of them in face-to-face format, including the members of the Scientific Advisory Board.

Project GOLIAT still has four years ahead of it, during which time it hopes to generate evidence on exposure to 5G and other RF-EMF sources and their potential health effects, with a specific focus on workers and young people.

“It has been a pleasure to meet again in person with the whole GOLIAT consortium and to see that the project is progressing according to schedule”, said Mònica Guxens, ISGlobal researcher and GOLIAT coordinator.

The project has a total funding of 9.3 million €, 7 of which have been provided by European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101057262.